Some commonly asked questions:

Where do you find things?

- A lot of the things I sell I found while out thrifting! I have always loved the hunt of thrifting really great pieces and re-selling them. Some may not love this idea or may think that things are overpriced, but a lot of people out there don't have the time or patience to sift through mountains of clothes on their own. Or they just flat out hate it and prefer for someone to do it for them and find cute and fun things and make it really easy and affordable to shop! It takes me a fair amount of time driving, sourcing, cleaning, steaming, taking and editing photos and then selling them, on top of arranging pick-ups or shipping. I try to price things as fairly as I possibly can while also covering my costs. If that doesn't seem fair to you, that's totally fine with me. 

I also have recently dabbled in doing consignment for a few friends and family, and it's something that I will be offering very soon!

I also have a son and two stepdaughters that outgrow clothes at an alarming rate, so I'm constantly swapping things out from their closets (and my own!)

Do you offer consignment?

Not yet, but I will very soon - I know I've been saying that for awhile, but it's not an easy task and I hate hurting people's feelings when they bring in stuff that I don't think I can sell. It's also a logistical nightmare keeping track of everything so until I find a proper system to do so, I'm going to wait a bit! I promise it will be coming soon!

Do you clean things before you sell them?

Yes, of course! I will always wash each item and inspect for any flaws before I list them. Granted I'm human, and sometimes I miss something! If you ever purchase something and the condition isn't as expected, please reach out and I will do my best to make things right.

Will you still be doing story sales?

If you're not familiar, I do flash story sales usually weekly, or bi-weekly over on Instagram at @thoughtshapesshop and yes I will continue to do the sales, while also adding new things to this new shop!